BBQ Chicken & Turkey Chili

So I’ve been away for some time, and it has certainly been a while! However, I’m back and will be sharing some grilling and beer drinking experiences!

Today I made a chili with BBQ chicken breast and ground turkey. I took two pounds of ground turkey, two pounds of chicken breast that I grilled with some Mexican spices, cayenne pepper, chili powder, chipotles in sauce, a nice size Spanish onion and fresh garlic.

I simmered for over three hours, constantly seasoning to my taste, I’m usually a “hot & spicy” chili cooker! This recipe is very easy to put together and is great for tailgating in the cooler weather. Just prepare the night before and use the grill to warm up! Goes great with: @OysterBayBrewin  #BarnRocker , @TheAbitaBeer  #Amber
Or any of your favorite #Octoberfest beers!



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Happy Anniversary Weber Smokey Joe Gold!

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On January 2, 2015 my Weber Smokey Joe Gold turned 10 years old. He was a gift that I received for Christmas 2005 from my manager. He remained unused and packaged securely in his box until the cold and windy … Continue reading

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New Weber One-Touch

What a great birthday present from my beautiful wife!!


New Weber Silver

New Weber Silver

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Backyard Tailgate Test: Aussie Grill Walk-A-Bout

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I’ve had my Weber Smokey Joe Gold since 2004. It’s still in great shape, but I’ve been ready for a new tailgating grill for a while. The problem is; I kept stalling as I love my Weber and feel extremely … Continue reading

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New Category Ask the Expert Added!

I though this category would be a great place for you to ask questions and get answers when it comes to grilling, beer, charcoal vs propane cooking, or anything BBQ & Beer drinking related!

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The Devils is in the Details

I have so many good memories of tailgating at sporting events! To try and start to list them is futile, but I am certainly going to try! A flashback from a tailgating session during the 2001-2002 NHL New Jersey Devils season comes to memory.

The date was Saturday, November 17, 2001. The shock of the September 11 Terrorist Attacks were still fresh in our minds, but we were slowly recovering. Things were slowly going back to normal. I was working for Konica Photo Imaging as the National Service Manager for the Nice Print System (One-Hour Photo machines) at the time. The company was (and still is) a sponsor for the NJ Devils hockey and we had received four complimentary tickets to the Saturday day game against the Philadelphia Flyers.

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Uncle Mike’s Italian Heat Wings

Uncle Mike’s Italian Heat Wings:

In a small mixing bowl add:

  • 2 tbsp. oregano
  • 2 tbsp. garlic powder
  • 1 tbsp. basil
  • 2 tbsp. Italian seasoning
  • 1 tbsp. black pepper
  • 2 tbsp. crushed red pepper
  • 1 tbsp. onion powder


Clean wings/wingettes under cold water, pat dry with paper towel. Place wings in a one gallon zip storage bag. Pour ingredients over wings in the bag, zip closed and shake well to thoroughly coat. Let marinate for up to 24 hours before cooking. Place on grill, indirect heat for 45-60 min or until thoroughly cooked, no pink on the bones.

Grab your favorite brew and enjoy!


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I Broke The Cardinal Rule…..

I had 36 hot-spiced rubbed, hot sauce marinated chicken wings waiting to be grilled up… I had my chimney filled to the brim with Cowboy brand charcoal bought while I was in Myrtle Beach, SC on vacation this past Summer. And my Aussie Grill was waiting to be filled with the hot rocks!

After lighting  the newspaper filled chimney and waiting for about 20 min, my charcoal was ready to be poured into the grill pan. Once evenly spread in a direct heat type, I cleaned off my grill and was ready to go!

I managed to place all 36 wings in the 18″ grill, closed the vents and cover and waited….And then it happened…..lots of smoke! Opening the grill I realized my mistake, the wings that were placed in the center of the grill were already charcoal burnt! I wasn’t thinking properly because I was time-pressed to finish within an hour or so and I broke the cardinal rule of grilling.

I should have spread the coals out in an indirect pattern and I wouldn’t have burnt my wings!! And furthermore I was grilling without a tool in my hand……an ice-cold brew!

Lesson learned. Wings off the grill, coals spread indirect heat, ice-cold Abita Amber in my hand. The wings were saved, not too burnt and still tasted great. Never again will I attempt to grill without a beer in hand…..


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Abita Lemon Wheat

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Each time I visit my two local beverage distributors I always look for the newest beer type that they are showcasing. I came across one of my favorite brewery’s newest beers: Abita Lemon Wheat, Abita Springs, LA. Whenever I pick … Continue reading

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That Charcoal Smell……

Every time I’m out riding my bike and I smell that aroma of charcoal smoking…….It makes me want to light up my grill!

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